• Magnus Haug Wanberg

    Magnus Haug Wanberg - Founder

  • Is reMarkable a Chinese company?

    Erisman is also the bestselling author of Alibaba's World: How a Remarkable Chinese Company is Changing the Face of Global Business. Most recently, he is the author of Six Billion Shoppers: the Companies Winning the Global E-Commerce Boom.

  • Who is Magnus wanberg?

    Magnus Wanberg is the founder and CEO of reMarkable.

  • Where is reMarkable located?

    Oslo, Norway About Remarkable It was founded in 2013 and is based in Oslo, Norway.

  • Is supernote better than reMarkable?

    Initially, the Supernote's writing latency was still perfectly serviceable (and, indeed, faster than a number of better-known e-ink devices), but it was double that of the reMarkable 2. But then came the 2021 end of year update, and Supernote quietly changed the game.

  • Does reMarkable 2 require a subscription?

    You don't need a subscription plan to enjoy better thinking with a reMarkable paper tablet. For customers who don't want to try all our greatest features using the 100-day free trial, or cancel their subscription, our 'No Plan' option gives you access to basic note-taking features.

  • Can you download apps on reMarkable 2?

    You can't install Android apps on the reMarkable 1 or 2, since they are both running a custom version of Linux. The underlying operating system is different, so the Google Play store doesn't run on reMarkable.

  • Does reMarkable have a MAC address?

    Connect reMarkable to the shared Wi-Fi. MAC address is displayed in the list of connected devices under “Physical address(MAC)”

  • Does reMarkable have a monthly fee?

    With Connect included, you'll get access to some of our best features, such as Handwriting conversion, Integrations, and Send by email, in addition to our extended warranty. After your 100-day free trial ends, Connect will automatically renew on a monthly basis (for $7.99/mo) until you cancel your plan.

  • Is reMarkable cloud free?

    Existing Remarkable 1 and Remarkable 2 users will get all access levels for free. There are two membership plans that are currently available. The first paid tier is called Connect Lite and gives you all of your notes in one place and unlimited cloud storage on the Remarkable servers, this costs $4.99 per month.

  • Can reMarkable save to Google Drive?

    Browse stored files, copy them to your reMarkable, and upload notes and documents directly to your Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive accounts from your paper tablet. To access this feature, you'll need software version 2.10 installed on your reMarkable, and a Connect subscription.

  • Is reMarkable Hipaa compliant?

    reMarkable and HIPAA Compliance Recommend for your HIPAA risk management needs?: No. Compliance is not possible with reMarkable as they store information in their cloud server but do not offer Business Associate Agreements.

  • Is reMarkable connect worth it?

  • What apps work with reMarkable?


  • Can I connect reMarkable to my computer?

    Connect the reMarkable with a USB cable to your computer. Open Settings, and then Storage settings. Here you'll see the choice Enable USB web interface.

  • How do I get a reMarkable planner?

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