• Are Axolotl legal in Virginia?

    You need to apply for a permit to own an Axolotl. But the breeder for them has to be within Virginia. IT's not legal to import them from outside of Virginia at least not for a private individual.

  • Are pet snakes legal in Virginia?

    No person shall keep or permit to be kept any wild or exotic animal, or nonpoisonous snakes six (6) feet or longer in length as a pet. Ordinance Chapter 6.1, Article I, Section 10.

  • Why can't humans regenerate?

    Humans have some stem cells, but those cells are not easily available to help with healing. Most other mammals are the same, so they aren't good at regeneration either. Amphibians and some fish have stem cells that are more easily available, and are usually pretty good at regeneration.

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