• How do jellyfish give birth?

    There are a few jellyfish species that receive sperm through their mouths to fertilise eggs inside the body cavity, but most jellyfish just release sperm or eggs directly into the water. Under favourable conditions they will do this once a day, usually synchronised to dawn or dusk.

  • Can you deep fry a jellyfish?

    Jellyfish is eaten throughout Asia, often dressed with sesame oil and garlic and served cold in salads, sliced up into noodles or as part of a stir fry. Alternatively, it can be deep-fried in a tempura sesame seed batter and served with a soy or sweet chilli dip.

  • What are jellyfish predators?

    Natural Predators Among the predators of the jellyfish, the following have been identified: ocean sunfish, grey triggerfish, turtles (especially the leatherback sea turtle), some seabirds (such as the fulmars), the whale shark, some crabs (such as the arrow and hermit crabs), some whales (such as the humpbacks).

  • Can all jellyfish glow?

    The greatest diversity of luminescent jellyfish occurs in the deep sea, where just about every kind of jellyfish is luminescent. Most jellyfish bioluminescence is used for defense against predators.

  • Where did it rain jellyfish?

    In Tasmania, Australia, in 1996, it rained jellyfish. It's not known exactly how this happens. The most likely theory is that jellyfish live in the sky, trying to protect the earth from alien attack. Once every hundred years or so, a smack of sky-jellyfish tire and collapse.

  • What kind of jellyfish light up?

    Aequorea jellies glow with a bioluminescent protein used in the biotechnology industry.

  • What happens if you pop a blue bottle?

    "Even ingesting a really rank dead bluebottle on the beach can be laced with bacteria that the animals can't recognise in the body — that can result in severe diarrhoea that requires veterinary attention," Dr Zurek said. "If the tentacles touch the gums it can cause inflammation and that can result in ulceration.

  • Are blue jellyfish harmful to dogs?

    Dog owners have been warned to keep a look out for the jellyfish, with vets saying ingestion can harm dogs. The size of a 10-cent piece, the blue button jellyfish can cause stings, and discomfort to your dog if eaten. They appear on beaches when north-easterly winds blow in.

  • Can you pick up a dead jellyfish?

    Jellyfish can sting you after they are dead Some people even pick them up and play with them. ... So in general, don't touch a dead jellyfish if you don't know what kind it is.

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