• Do turtles find their parents?

  • Is it bad to help baby turtles?

    "They've evolved to deal with them. That's why they lay multiple nests a year, for example, so more of the hatchlings have a chance of survival." Trindell, also a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission official, urged people to resist their human nature to help a struggling baby sea turtle.

  • Do turtles hatch on full moon?

    It is a myth that hatchlings emerge only around the time of the full moon. Hatchlings ready to emerge wait just beneath the sand surface until conditions become cool. This temperature cue prompts them to emerge primarily at night, although some late-afternoon and early-morning emergences have been documented.

  • Are flashlights bad for sea turtles?

    Standard flashlights that emit white or short wavelength light disorient both adult sea turtles and young hatchlings: the environmentally intrusive lights may cause nesting females to abandon a nest site before laying her eggs, while hatchlings, using the night sky (stars and moon) to locate the ocean, instinctively ...

  • What color light is safe for sea turtles?

    KEEP IT LONG – Sea turtles are less disturbed by the long wavelengths of light (570 nanometers or longer), such as lights that are yellow, amber, or red in color.

  • Can sea turtles see red?

    Use light sources that are pure red and use them only briefly. Pure red light (light that is composed mostly of wavelengths in the red region of the visible spectrum) is preferred for two reasons. The first is that sea turtles apparently do not see red light as well as we do.

  • Do turtles noses?

    Turtles smell well, both on land and under the water. They don't have nostrils, they have bumps under their chins. These bumps, called barbels, have nerves that allow them to pick up scents. In a land turtle, this well-developed sense helps avoid predators.

  • Are some turtles blind?

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