• How much do Sables cost?

    Such purchases tend to be rare, because sable is the most expensive fur (cubs cost around R15,000, or $240) and the animals are difficult to train, but breeding farms don't care whether they sell their product in the form of pelts or live animals.

  • Are Sables aggressive?

    The sable is an omnivorous opportunist that feeds on fish, small mammals, berries, and the scraps left from wolves and bears. Though the sable is sometimes farmed, it is not domesticated and should not be kept as a pet because it will likely turn mean and aggressive as it ages.

  • How do you trap a short tailed weasel?

    Use fresh meat, if possible. Position your bait strategically, so that the weasel must bring its entire body into the trap and step on the trigger plate to get to it. Make sure that the bait is far enough from the trap walls that an animal cannot reach inside and steal it without entering.

  • What food kills ducks?

    In addition to bread, you should also avoid feeding ducks foods like avocados, onions, citrus, nuts, chocolate, and popcorn, as these are toxic.

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