• Is sawdust good for tomato plants?

    The benefit to growing tomatoes in sawdust is that you will not compete with weeds and seeds already in your garden soil. Light and moisture-absorbing, sawdust retains good moisture, which tomatoes need. Planting this way can also prevent infection from soil-borne diseases, such as the feared and hated tomato blight.

  • Can I mulch with brown paper bags?

    Those basic brown paper grocery bags make an excellent smother-mulch for unplanted weedy patches too; cover afflicted paths or areas with several overlapping layers of brown bags and top that off with several inches of wood chips or shredded bark.

  • How do you keep dirt from washing away?

  • Can I use cedar shavings in my garden?

    The National Gardening Association recommends adding cedar shavings around vegetable plants after a light cultivation to loosen the soil. This helps prevent the compaction of the soil from watering and evaporation.

  • Can I use cedar mulch around tomatoes?

  • What are the disadvantages of cedar mulch?

    Cedar bark can be used to make mulch. Too Long Lasting. Because of certain chemicals in cedar, it does not break down quickly. ... Ties Up Nitrogen. Because cedar is so long lasting, it does not break down quickly to provide nutrients to the soil. ... Possible Toxicity to Plants. ... May Need Aeration. ... More Expensive.

  • Is red mulch safe for vegetable gardens?

    Do not use red rubber mulches in a vegetable garden, as they may contaminate food crops. They are also bad for ornamental plants, as high levels of zinc contribute to plant death.

  • Should I put mulch around my cucumbers?

    Mulch. One trick to ensure your soil moisture stays consistent is to add 'mulch' around cucumber plants. Mulch is a covering on the soil, such as compost, straw, dried leaves or shredded newspaper. Simply spread 1 inch thick of mulch on the soil around your cucumber plants to prevent excessive evaporation.

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