• Can you start cucumbers in July?

    Cucumbers. Cucumbers are perfect to plant in July. They love the warm weather and as long as they get lots of water will do well and start producing for you as soon as 60 days after planting depending on the variety.

  • Can you plant onions in June?

    Onions. If you can still find a package of onion sets at your local nursery they will do okay this time of year. You won't get a lot of large onions but you will have plenty of smaller onions and green onions. Don't try growing onions from seed or starts this late in the year.

  • Can I start zucchini seeds in June?

    They don't care for early planting. You can plant them any time from now till mid-July.

  • Can I plant squash in June?

    Squash (both zucchini and summer squash), beans, cucumbers, melons, and pumpkins can all be planted in early summer, hoping for an Indian summer for a bountiful harvest.

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