• poor heating and ventilation

    The most common form of damp is often caused by poor heating and ventilation. It occurs when activities such as cooking raise the level of humidity in a building. This air condenses on cold surfaces, such as windows and walls.

  • Is damp worse in summer or winter?

    Generally, rising damp is a seasonal problem. As a result, it is not something your property will suffer with in summer. Instead, it will usually get worse when there is more ground water present. This is more common in late autumn, winter, and early spring.

  • How do you fix damp issues?

    DIY Solutions for Damp Problems Use extractor fans in the kitchen and bathrooms.When using the kitchen or bathroom keep the doors shut and extractor fan on so that excessive water vapour does not go into other parts of the house.Consider installing humidistats within areas with high humidity.

  • How do you damp proof a house?

    Structural Factors Installing a Damp Proof Course and a Damp Proof Membrane.Installation of Bathroom and Kitchen Fans.Improving the Outside of the Property.Fix Plumbing Problems.Heating Levels and Insulation.Ventilating your home.Reducing levels of Moisture.

  • Can all damp problems be fixed?

    If you have penetrating damp, it can usually be resolved simply with good maintenance. That means unblocking guttering, repairing leaks, repointing walls and so on. ... However, longer term you'll need to look at adding some kind of ventilation to solve the damp problems.

  • How common is damp in UK houses?

    Condensation Damp is the most common type of damp and is thought to affect almost 1 in 5 homes in the UK. Untreated, condensation can lead to the growth of black mould on walls and ceilings which, aside from looking unsightly, can cause health problems including: Headaches.

  • Is Mould a landlord's problem?

    Rising damp Sometimes it can be caused by a repair issue. If it's a repair issue such as a broken damp proof course your landlord should fix it. If it's a problem with the building itself your landlord may be instructed to carry out works if the council thinks the damp is a hazard.

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